Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Wheat Free Day 7

The day started off with quinoa pancakes - a bit soft and gloopy to cook, but quite nice to eat.  (I have posted the link for the recipe for those of you who may be interested.)

Lunch was chicken salad again.  There is something really good about cold chicken, and I had to get up and leave the table so I didn't start eating unnecessarily.  :)

Dinner - cooked by my Lady Mother and Sister15 - was more chicken and vegetables.  (It wasn't until I was typing this that I realized how much chicken I have consumed in the last few days!)  Then Sister15 pulled out the remaining chocolate pudding and I wavered.  I LOVE chocolate pudding and it is really hard not to even nibble the crumbs.  Luckily, my Lady Mother remembered that we had a few pieces of brownie left, so we heated those up and topped them with cream.  Yum!  :D

I had quite a bad headache throughout the day, but I don't think it was from eating anything I shouldn't have - I think it was from not wearing my glasses as much as I should have.  :)  (I have a tenancy to forget occasionally.  ;) )

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