Friday, 10 January 2014

Wheat Free Day 9

Sorry I missed a day in the Diary, guys - I should have done it yesterday, but I didn't and asking me to think back to what I ate two days ago is asking just a bit too much from my "brain like a colander" (as my Sir Father once called  it!  :D)

Day 9 had me racking my brain for something new to make.  I decided to make "bacon egg baskets" and they were a great hit with my Lady Mother and all the children.  (My Lady Mother afterwards informed me that they are to be put on the weekly menu!)

Lunch was dubbed "Leftovers Thursday" and so I had a bowl of reheat veggies with shredded ham topped with Parmesan cheese - yum!

Dinner was a late affair for which my Lady Mother showed me two bags of meat and told me to cook all the vegetables I could find as the next day was fresh veggie day.  I made quite a feast with crispy potatoes, fried sweet potatoes, corn, beans, squash and zucchini.  It was very yummy accompanied by pepper steak for some and tasty rissoles for others.

Here is an interesting observation for you:  my Lady Mother likes her steak cooked all the way through with not a speck of pink; my Sir Father likes his steak cooked at about medium.  Somehow, the plates got switched and they noticed the mistake after each had eaten about half of what was on the plates.  So they swapped.  :)  Sir Father had had gravy on "his" steak but my Lady Mother had not.  When they swapped, she unavoidably ate some of the gravy that had been on his dinner.  The instant gravy we use is just wheat flour with seasoning, and flavorings.  My Lady Mother told me afterwards that about two minutes after she ate the gravy, her stomach started churning and even this morning, she has had intense stomach pains.  We can only put it down to the gravy as it was the first taste of wheat she has had in many many days.

Interesting, huh?

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