Saturday, 15 March 2014

Effects of Wheat

If you are a regular reader of this blog - and I thank you for it! - you have probably noticed that I dropped the everyday account of what I was eating.  There were a couple of reasons for this.  First of all, it felt really dorky to be telling the entire world what I ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Also it was staring to become repetitious: you all knew I wasn't eating wheat or sugar so I didn't think it was necessary to remind you everyday.  Boring! So I have decided I would only blog on my eating habits when there is something worthy of notice.  Like today.

Today I was at a poetry workshop all day with lunch provided.  I knew I would probably have to cheat because I could expect a casual function like that to cater for my dietary habits.  When lunch was served,, I'll admit I was a little excited.  It was sub sandwiches and cookies.  I haven't eaten proper bread like that in about two and a half months and I hadn't realize just how much I actually missed it.  I ate a couple of sandwiches and two cookies.  In the second session after lunch, I slowly became aware that things were not normal for me.  I was having trouble concentrating on what was going on around me, and I had 'things' floating in front of my vision, similar to a migraine.  I also could feel an increasing amount of gas in my stomach, which was not at all comfortable.  Then I noticed that I had become very weak and shaky, and I kept dropping things.  I tried to keep my hands out of sight so that no one should notice how shaky they were.  By the time the workshop was over, I was well and truly ready to go.  Mum and Dad, who had come to get me, decided to go out and have coffee.  I felt I could use a coffee, even though I rarely have two in one day.  I still had the shakes and had to hold on to the potato chips and the coffee cup relatively tightly so that I didn't drop them.  When walking out of the coffee shop, I turned my foot slightly.  Normally I would be able to just stumble a bit and regain my balance, but I was so out of it, I slipped and fell over.  Not only was this rather embarrassing, it scared me bit.  I had no idea how dysfunctional and uncoordinated a dose up on wheat could make me.

Sorry if this sounds rather dramatized and petty, but I wanted to share how wrong things can go when you break the rules.  I had been planning to see what happens when I do eat wheat, put I was not prepared for the consequences.  If you have recently broken rules for yourself and eaten outside your normal habits, I would be fascinated to hear how you responded to it.  Feel free to comment under this post.  Have a great week everyone!  :D


Clare said...

Ah poor you! You may be glad to notice I didn't notice you doing anything strange. Though I did wonder if eating that bread would affect you.

As you would have noticed I brought something to eat. But it was the meat in the subway I'm intolerant to. though I can handle some, but I'm not sure how much, especially since it takes a few days for anything to happen. Them my nose does start running like crazy and people think I have a cold, and it takes soo long for me to get over.... I just stay away from all those tasty flat meat things.....

Emily Dempster said...

That is very reassuring, as I felt really conspicuous and, well... vague??? ;) :P

That's a shame you can't eat the meat stuff in the sandwiches... Luke tends to get sick if he eats too much of it as well. We think it is the preservatives in the salami and whatever else is in it. :/