Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Wheat free Day 6

Sorry if this is starting to sound like an all-day cafe menu - I just really wanted to have a record for myself of what I ate and I thought it might inspire others who aren't sure what someone on a wheat-free diet can eat.  So here goes for Day 6.

After organizing a surprise breakfast for my Lady Mother of homemade spelt bread, my little bubble was popped when I learned that spelt is actually wheat.  My younger siblings got that (I was quite disappointed - I love fresh bread) and I prepared instead a rather large plateful of eggs bacon and fried tomatoes followed by a peach - my favourite fruit!  :D

Lunch was chicken salad and one of Sister15's wheat-free sugar-free brownies.  (I will have to post the recipe one day if copyright will allow.  :) )

Dinner was an improvised affair of bolonaise mince over roast potato and cauliflower.  It was so yummy and I highly recommend trying it, especially with the cauliflower.

I am finding that if you are well prepared, going wheat free isn't that hard.  You just have to make sure you are capable of self-denial for the times that are tempting.  Once you go for a couple of weeks, however, you stop craving for what you aren't eating.

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