Monday, 6 January 2014

Wheat Free Day 5

January 5.  Sunday.

Sundays have a rather strict order as far as breakfast goes, as my Sir Father LOVES baked oatmeal and as he leaves for work too early for me to make it on week days, he is quite adamant that it be dished up every Sunday before church.  (I will post the recipe as it is both wheat and sugar free.)  So that was breakfast - quite delicious, even if I do say so myself.  :D

After church I had a coffee - can't do without my mid-morning coffee - and by that time it was about time for lunch.

My Lady Mother prepared lunch and we were delighted to receive plates of baked sweet potato, and an egg-bake-quiche thing with ham and tomato along with Popcorners (available from most supermarkets).  Yum!

Dinner consisted of a piece of salmon and vegtables.

Going wheat-free causes the body to go through a couple of weeks of de-toxing and as a result, I have found I have been having tummy pains and migraines, but hopefully if I stick to the grind, it will sort itself out soon!

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