Sunday, 12 January 2014

Wheat Free Day 11

My Sir Father and I had breakfast together on day 11 - bacon and eggs again with grilled tomato and sauted mushroom.  (If it seems that bacon and eggs is all we eat, I will inform you that is is a staple in our house because we love it!)

Lunch was salad with delicious slices of roast beef that my Lady Mother bought from Aldi.  The great thing about salad is that you can add different things to a base salad and make it totally different and original each time.  (One of my favorites is to mix tinned salmon through the salad - yum!)

Dinner was beautiful cuban style steak that was so yummy I think I'll have it for my birthday dinner.  Accompanied by a potato bake and veggies, it was really good.

Day 11 was the first time I really noticed that I have lost weight.  While I appear to be the same amount of kilos, I have most definitely changed shape so that I must needs go buy some new skirts (YES!  :P)  I will keep an eye on this as it could be hormonal or something - I am really tall and quite slender and it is impossible for me to lose too much weight without noticing it.  So we'll see how that goes.  Meanwhile, I solemnly pledge to keep up the bacon and the nuts!  :D

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