Saturday, 11 January 2014

Wheat Free Day 10

Day 10 arrived  with my Lady Mother none too well, Sister17 feeling a tad crook in the tummy and me not much better.  Breakfast was good old bacon and eggs with grilled tomatoes and a cup of green tea.  (Warning: do not come to my house for breakfast unless you like your bacon on the darker side and so crispy so that you have to pick it up in your fingers to eat it!  :P )

Lunch consisted of leftover cold rissole, a fried egg and salad.  It was relly refreshing and light, but it filled you up.

Dinner was bolognese meat on top of baked cauliflower - YUM!  (Topped with cheese, of course...)  :D


Clare said...

Bacon is so nice!!! But I'm intolerant to it so I haven't eaten any for years.... O so sad..

Emily Dempster said...

That is sad! :) I've never heard of someone being bacon-intolerant before. Does it make sick or is it more of an allergic reaction?