Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Experiment Over, Life Style Just Begun!

Well, we have hit April and I can't imagine where the first quarter of the year has gone - a whole quarter!!!   Anyway, it occurred to me this morning that my original experiment of going wheat-free for three months is officially over.  There are a few things I have learned from it... :)

  • Did you know that the word 'diet' comes from Greek meaning "a way of life"?  That is my very first point.  Your eating habits are a way of life, habitual, regular.  So, technically, there is no such thing as a '12-week diet' because the way you eat is a life style... and eating healthily should be a for-life event, something that changes your life forever.  Has my experiment changed my life forever?  Absolutely.  I won't recount the story here but read what happened to me when I ate a couple of sandwiches, and you'll understand why I'll never go back to a wheat based diet.  It was quite scary and just down-right horrible.

  • Before I began my experiment, I didn't think I ate too much wheat.  Actually, I didn't think it was going to be too hard at all.  Haha - WRONG!  Stop reading for a moment and think about what you eat on a daily basis.  Breakfast - wheat biscuits or another cereal (which I can almost guarantee you contains wheat... and if it doesn't ( like corn flakes, or rice bubbles) then it is probably packed in with so much sugar and other foreign substances that you shouldn't be eating it anyway!   (For example, one of the ingredients in corn flakes is High Fructose Corn Syrup - disgusting!)   Here, I will divert to apologize for the change in font - I can't figure out how to fix it, so I will leave it be so that it doesn't get worse!  Back to where I was...  For lunch, you might eat a sandwich, and dinner might be pasta - not to mention the biscuits/cakes that are consumed for morning and afternoon tea.  I believe my point is made.  ;)  There are also the wheat 'fillers' that are used  in a lot of sauces and things that you really wouldn't suspect... READ YOUR LABELS, PEOPLE!!!

  • My last point is that, while it isn't always easy to eat wheat-free, it is possible, and you reap very great results from the effort you put in.  Without going into detail, I have had a few problems for a few years that have been significantly helped by going wheat-free.  Even though my original experiment is 'finished', wheat-free has become my diet - my way of life - and I will continue  this blog to post recipes and natural remedies, etc.    

God bless you all!  :D

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