Monday, 10 March 2014

Delicious Creamy Porridge

I have always loved porridge, but this takes the cake, if I do say so myself... ;)  Please note that though the recipe is wheat-free, those of you who are gluten-intolerant will not be able to eat it as oats are the play ground of gluten... sorry about that guys!  To feed 8-10, you will need:

4 cups rolled oats
3 cups milk
2 pears
vanilla essence

Put the oats, milk and 3 ups of water in a large pot and put on the stove on high.  As soon as you do that, peel, core and grate the pears.  By that time, the oats should be at just about boiling.  Add the pear and turn down heat to half.  Add as much vanilla as you want.  ;)  (I tend to be rather liberal with my vanilla, but most people like to keep it at around 1-2 teaspoons.)  Also add cinnamon to taste.  (I have to do this at the end as my baby sister is allergic to cinnamon, so we take her serve out before we add the cinnamon.)  You will need to keep a close eye on how the cooking is going because burned porridge is gross as is burned milk: put together must be absolutely disgusting.  As soon as the liquid is about 1/2-3/4 boiled away, add a further 2 cups of water.  Boil until you reach your desired consistency.  You may need to add an extra cup or two of water if the oats are not quick cooked properly.  Serve topped with milk, cream, or yogurt.

To feed 4-5 people follow the above instructions, but use:

1 cup rolled oats
3/4 cup milk
1/2 pear

and only use 3/4 cup water initially and add extras later in 1/2 cup lots.

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