Monday, 3 February 2014

I'm back!... with a confession :)

I know it has been a dreadfully long time since I last wrote... I am working on some recipes to post and hope to share them with you soon.

I have to confess that I have been 'naughty' since you last heard from me.  I have - yes, shock and horror - eaten wheat twice in the last week!  :)  I have excuse, the first being that it was my little sister's second birthday, and who can resist such a cutie's birthday cake?  (She loves Roadrunner and thus was her cake Roadrunner in action! :) )  The second excuse I bring is that I had my wisdom teeth removed three days ago and, after spending 24 hours on food no thicker than pumpkin soup, I condescended to have some lasagne, which from the shop is soft enough to swallow.  So there - you have my full and free confession!  :)

I don't remember what I felt after the lasagne, I was still a bit out of it from my surgery, but after the cake, I had a couple of tummy pain and my eyes got really itchy, almost like hay fever.

I will try and put some wheat/sugar recipes up for you soon.  Some of the ones I am working on include chicken curry, orange meringue pie and French onion soup.  Most curries have sugar in them, and the thickener in packet French onion soup is corn starch and potato starch (both of which are frighteningly bad for one) and the flavouring is wheat based.  Of course, orange meringue pie has both sugar and wheat in it. 

Please feel free to leave comments for me... I would love to hear what has helped you or if you have a question - or even what helped you if you have had your wisdom teeth out!

God bless you!  :)

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