Sunday, 5 January 2014

Wheat free day 4

I know this is the first post on being wheat free, but as it is the fourth of January - and I have been wheat free all year ;) - I labeled the day by the date.

I will explain in an article why I have chosen to trial wheat free eating and the benefits there of, but here is just where I will put my day to day records of what I ate and how I feel.  Sounds boring?  You don't have to read it if you don't want to.  :)

I slept in this morning because I had been up until past 10:30 last night playing Balderdash.  Everyone slept in, so breakfast didn't get dished until nearly 9:30 am.  Scrambled egg on left over coconut flour pancakes.  Not the best combination, I must admit, but it filled me up so I can't complain.  :)

Morning tea consisted of a coffee and some nuts.  I have absolutely been hoeing through the nuts since I stated eating wheat-free.  They are an excellent source of protein and handful every now and again can keep you well and truely tided over to the next meal.

I may have eaten a few too many nuts.  I ate a third of my salad and a minute scrap of chicken for lunch.

More nuts....

Dinner was a marinated piece of steak with mashed potato and veggies while we watched Mary Poppins sing about a spoonful of sugar.  Hmmm... I didn't mind that as much as having to forgo chocolate pudding and custard - that was hard.  So I had banana and cream instead, but I am doubtful of the comparison.

So far, wheat free eating hasn't been too bad... only a few sacrifices, but I am sure there will be plenty more.  We'll will have t see how it all pans out at the end.

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